sandy and cori goldfarbWowee!!! The 2nd episode of Secrets and Wives was one rollercoaster of an hour! Even though there were many high and low points of the episode, I am happy that you all were able to see more of our stories unravel. I am especially excited that my one stop shop for all your beauty needs, Truth + Beauty, was introduced. It was surreal seeing my dream turn into reality on the big screen. Opening a new business, especially with your husband, is extremely challenging and trying. As you all were able to see, Sandy flies into Truth + Beauty and lands on his little spaceship on a whim. Sometimes I truly believe that Sandy thinks the spa runs just because he pops in for five minutes! I admit that Sandy is an integral part of the financial side of Truth + Beauty, but he needs to learn that I am the beauty junky in this relationship! Aside from the teasing that goes on between Sandy and me, we work well as a team and put our blood, sweat, and tears into this business venture. It is mind boggling and so rewarding to see how our inspiration and brand has grown over the past year. I know that Truth + Beauty has a bright future ahead and I cannot wait to see how the brand takes on a life of its own!

Usually, taking a trip to my happy place, the Hamptons, is calming and enjoyable. As I always say, I’m happiest in the Hamptons! However, my trip with the girls to Gurney’s was completely intense and heated. I know that having a group of girls in one place for a weekend calls for some drama, but I did not think that dinner would take a turn in the direction that it did. We all have such strong personalities and opinions that when an issue is presented, it is hard for any of us to get a word in!!! I try to be the voice of reason in many instances, but with this heated feud between Susan and Andi, I tried to keep my comments to a minimum. Like I said, it is hard to put yourself in another person’s shoes and in this case Liza and Susan could not see eye to eye. The bottom line is that everyone starts over at different points in their lives and each person has their own, different way of handling it. Change is difficult!

Brooke, Remi and Paige goldfarb

The other full time job in my life is being a mother. I live for my kids and they are the reason I strive to achieve greatness with all that I do. I try to be the best role model I can be, but I also learn many things from my amazing daughters. The four of us are so close and I would not change a hair on their heads! Although you may not have seen them on their greatest day, who can blame them? The teenage years are definitely a challenge, but they have each handled these years with grace and maturity. My Goldfarb Girls each have a strong personality and I am so proud of the young women they are today! I could go on and on, but they know that I love them more! Can’t wait for you all to see what is coming next!!!