Cori Goldfarb Secrets and Wives s1e3

Unlike last week’s episode of Secrets and Wives, this week I was able to sit back and relax while watching! After all the intense, emotional moments during our girls night out, I am happy to say that Susan, Andi, and Liza were able to reconcile their opinions. I understand where both sides were coming from, but I always says that everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions! Although Liza and Susan originally could not see eye to eye, they were able to agree to disagree, which is sometimes a hard thing to do. I’m glad my girls could work it out!!

Secrets and Wives BeachEven though Dr. Greenberg had left Gurney’s for the day, Sandy was ready to take his place in the “girls only” workout. Sandy fit right in – LOL! Our bootcamp on the beach was rough and rugged. From sprints to push ups, we were all pushed to our limits. Andi took the lead in the sprints and there was nothing that Gail, the bionic woman, couldn’t do. I wish I could work out like her! I was more focused on not breaking my ankle running in the sand.  After we got whipped into shape, Sandy and I reminisced about the memorieswe made with our family in our Hamptons home. Although I was excited to have a weekend away from all the chaos, it felt weird being Secrets and Wives Cori Goldfarbin the Hamptons and not staying in my own house. Every summer for the past 20 years, Sandy and I would take our daughters out to Bridgehampton for a few months of relaxation and family time. My kiddies may have been too young to appreciate it at the time, but our summer getaway was a luxury and a much needed break from reality.

Cori Goldfarb Sandy Goldfarb

I am grateful for all the memories and learning experiences that had come from that house, but Sandy and I made an executive decision to take that expense and create a greater use out of it. We took all the money from the sale of our house and invested it into creating Truth + Beauty.  Like I said, I have three daughters that still depend on Sandy and me, and being able to provide for them is my first priority. When I was growing up, my family had many financial issues and I know how hard and heartbreaking it is to lose everything you have. That is one of the main reasons why I decided to follow my vision of creating this unique and incredible brand. Even though it was bittersweet selling our Hamptons house, Sandy and I had to do what was in the best interest of our family. Change is inevitable and when one door closes, another door opens!

Truth and Beauty Spa Secrets and WivesNow getting into the juicy stuff, literally! I invited Susan to join me and Truth + Beauty’s double board certified plastic surgeon, Jennifer Levine, to the lab that will be producing our vitamin infusions. As I mentioned, vitamin infusions are all the rage!! Even though Susan wanted to create an infusion to help with women’s sexuality, Truth + Beauty offers customized therapies that are specific to people’s needs. Some of my fave vitamin drips are the the anti-aging, skin rejuvenating, and weight loss infusions. Aside from the trendy scrubs we were all wearing, it was extremely interesting watching how these vitamin infusions are made. I definitely became more educated on this service from that trip to the lab!  Cori Goldfarb Susan Doneson Secrets WivesI know this week’s episode seemed like a walk in the park compared to last week’s, but trust me there is more drama where that came from! You won’t want to miss out on the juicy conflicts we have in store! Keep on watching!!!