…And we’re back to the horrifying dinner party! As if reliving it in last week’s episode wasn’t enough. Even though we all had a bit to drink that night, it’s safe to say that everyone at the dinner party was shocked by Jonathan’s behavior. I know my emotions were heightened, but I had a right to feel the way I did, I was hurt and that is why I cried. No one should ever be told to “shut the f*** up” in their face!! Looking back on the situation, I’m not sure why Sandy didn’t say anything to Jonathan.Cori Goldfarb Secrets and Wives

Either Sandy thought I could handle the situation on my own, or he wasn’t aware of what was actually going on. Sandy should have come to my defense, but sometimes it is better to remain silent than add fuel to the fire! To add to the laundry list of offenses, Jonathan’s apology was not sincere at all. He tried to give me the tough guy’s version of an apology, which I did not appreciate. He also could have called me the next day to make sure I was okay and to thank me for inviting him!!! It’s water under the bridge, but I definitely know for next time that I should think twice about who I invite over to my house!Cori Goldfarb Secrets and Wives

When Susan confronted me about the dinner party debacle on the way to Fire Island, I could not believe what she was saying. I thought that she would be mortified and apologize for the way Jonathan acted, but to my surprised she did not! As she was telling me that she had a great time at the party, all I wanted to ask her was if she was at the same dinner party as I was. Basically, Susan brushed off the situation and even tried to justify Jonathan’s actions by saying that even her son tells her to STFU. I mean really?! I guess I am not used to being spoken to that way because my family and I definitely do not speak like that in our house. Everyone has their own way of handling different situations, but since Susan knew how upset I was, I wish she could have apologized instead of ignoring the problem.Secrets and Wives

We all were in for a pleasant surprise when Amy decided to join us in Fire Island. Before she arrived Andi thought it would be beneficial to have a “Friendtervention” with Amy. As a group we wanted to talk to Amy about her relationship with Arthur and let her know that we were coming from a place of love and support. It is especially hard to tell your friends how you feel when you know that it will end up hurting their feelings. We didn’t want to attack Amy, we just wanted to voice our concerns to her. Although it is easy to be objective when you are not the person in the relationship, it is up to Amy to decide if she wants to continue this cycle or not. As her friends, all we can do is be there for her and support whatever choice she makes in the end. We all want the best for each other and are very protective of one another. I mean that’s what best friends are for, right?!Cori Goldfarb Secrets and Wives

OMG the drag performance with the one and only Shaquita… Wasn’t she just fabulous?! I could not stop laughing from the show and I was in awe of all the talent that was up on the stage! When the girls and I were called up for a “walk­off”, I could not have been happier. For those of you that don’t know, I love to get up on stage, steal the mic, and put on my own show. Although I have the talent of making up my own raps on the spot, I was SO ready to strut down the catwalk. My daughters love to make me watch America’s Next Top Model with them, so I definitely had my walk down pat. Even though Andi believed I shouldn’t have won the walk­off, I think I rocked it and won fair and square!! Regardless, the show was fun and light hearted, a much needed break from all the drama we had experienced earlier. It reminded us all that we were on our own little getaway!Cori Goldfarb Secrets and Wives

Unfortunately, the mood of our dinner took a turn for the worse. Liza felt the need to explain to Susan about how uncomfortable she felt while listening to Jonathan at dinner. Even though Liza was trying to come to a common ground, Susan felt as if she was attacking Jonathan’s character. It seems that most times when we all discuss a situation together, someone ends up feeling attacked. It’s hard not to get offended when multiple people are voicing their opinions at once, but we did not have any intentions of ganging up on Susan. We were just trying to get her to see the situation from our perspective. Liza and I both felt the situation had to be addressed because Jonathan’s behavior was overlooked and excused for. I know we discussed this dinner party at length, but enough is enough and we should all move on! There were many recurring themes during this week’s episode, but next week everything is about to be shaken up!!! Stay tuned!

XX, Cori