I’ve had some time to reflect on this past week’s episode since it was definitely not a walk in the park for Sandy and I. But first, I am going to start off by addressing the aftermath of our girls dinner at Blue Whale in Fire Island. Although Liza, Susan, and I had come to somewhat of an understanding about my dinner party debacle with Jonathan, Susan was still a little upset over the confrontation. Cori-Goldfarb-Secrets-and-WSusan and I discussed Jonathan’s behavior further the next morning and she expressed to me that she doesn’t necessarily care about what people think of Jonathan. Good for Susan for having some tough skin!! Like Jonathan said, it’s his personality and if other people can’t deal with it than that’s their problem because he is not changing. Not everyone is going to be your cup of tea and like I always say, you just have to know your customer! The situation with Jonathan is over with and I now know what to expect when I am around him!!!

Cori-Goldfarb-Secrets-WivesWhen Amy saw her broken table posted by her son, Max, on Instagram, I could feel her pain. I felt so bad that Amy had to find out about a party thrown at her house from social media rather than her son! I know how it feels to learn information about your kids from someone other than them. It is definitely not a good feeling!!! Unfortunately, Max went against Amy’s wishes about him not having a party, which put a damper on the rest of her time at Fire Island. Poor Amy can’t catch a break! No pun intended!! However, I did think it was a tender moment when Amy came home to see Mark helping Max put the table back together. It was very sweet to see how concerned Mark was about Amy and how amicable their relationship is. They both support and love their son, which was very evident in this situation.Cori-Goldfarb-3

Well here we go with the Sandy sitch… Let me just start off by explaining how large Sandy’s font size is. Sandy’s font is comparable to the size font in the well-known Dick and Jane books. So basically I can read messages coming into Sandy’s phone all the way from a different country. When I saw this mysterious text message light up on his phone, I was beyond upset. Initially, I had said I didn’t trust Sandy, but he went the extra mile in order to assure me that he had nothing to do with this woman. I know he has no control over who texts him, but I haven’t received a text like that from a man in over 20 years! This one text really stopped me in my tracks and made me question my trust and relationship with Sandy. I started to become skeptical about everything and that is definitely not a way to live. I believe Sandy and I need to see a professional together in order to work this one out.
Cori-GoldfarbEven though, Sandy and I had yet to see a professional, Gail was the closest thing I had from going to one! When Sandy and Dr. G were playing tennis Gail gave me some great advice, and not to mention more things to think about within my marriage. Gail told me that since the situation has been settled for now, I can’t go digging for information and clues that are not there. I do not want to make something out of nothing when Sandy has already proven himself to be innocent. If I continue to investigate every move Sandy makes, I will just end up making myself crazy. Like I have constantly said, our marriage is a work in progress and I know that Sandy and I are strong enough to move past this bump in the road. Tune in next week to see what’s going down!!!