Wow!!! I can’t believe that I am writing my thoughts on the Secrets and Wives season finale. These past eight weeks have gone by so quickly! To begin my commentary on the season finale, I must start with Sandy and I the morning after our 20 year anniversary party. Since we were both so cranky and hungover from the night before, Sandy was not down to continue our conversation about not making a speech. How could he not understand how I felt? He didn’t even thank everyone for coming out to our party! That was so unlike Sandy. At the very least he could’ve said “happy anniversary!” Cori-Goldfarb-Secrets-and-WBut apparently that was too much to ask of him!!! I understand that Sandy likes to keep his feelings private, but the fact that he didn’t say anything at all was embarrassing and hurtful. Even though I did forgive Sandy, I have realized that it’s the little things that count in our relationship. I always say actions speak louder than words, and Sandy’s actions do show how much he really loves me, regardless of if he didn’t scream it to our entire party. Being affectionate is one of my needs in our relationship and I love that side of Sandy. Marriage is no easy road, but if Sandy continues to show me how much he loves and appreciates me, then I know we will be just fine!

In this final episode, my girls and I come to terms with all of the change taking place in our lives. When Pat and Glenn discuss the moving out party plans, instead of feeling excited, Liza felt heartbroken and anxious. I totally feel Liza’s pain. Change is hard to deal with and Liza cannot imagine what life will be like after moving out of a home that she has lived in for all of these years. I mean who can blame her?! After Max was fired from Jonathan’s company, Amy came to a realization that Max needs some tough love. Amy cannot babysit Max any longer, or let his faults come in between her relationship with Arthur. It is about time Amy stood up for herself because she cannot deal with this nonsense any longer! Throughout the season, Gail had felt like Dr. G was prioritizing work over spending time with her. When she asked where her office would be in Dr. G’s new office, he responded saying that there was “no more room.” However, in this episode, Dr. G surprised Gail with a beautiful, new office. It was heartwarming to see Gail and Dr. G come to a common ground and work out the kinks in their relationship. It is such a great feeling to see one of your BFF’s so overjoyed  and excited.

When Liza discussed her divorce, with her daughter Carly, I was in awe of her braveness and maturity. It is extremely difficult talking to your children about challenging and personal issues in your life and I believe Liza handled the conversation very well. Liza tends to have a bad reputation when it comes to her divorce, but as she mentioned it takes two to tango! As a parent, all you want to do is shield your kids from pain and be able to fix any situation for them. However, it is an unrealistic mindset and as our kids get older, they have to deal with life and many uncomfortable situations that we, unfortunately, cannot fix. Our kids come to realize that we are not perfect and that we make mistakes but love them unconditionally. This was such a sweet and tender moment between a mother and a daughter, and like Liza said, she and her ex put their daughters first! I totally respect them for that!!!Liza-Sandler-Secrets-and-Wi

What a better way to end the season than with Liza’s moving out party. I mean HOLY CANNOLI!!!! Liza being dressed up as the dessert was incredible. She looked absolutely delicious! It was definitely the best way to move out and the greatest idea by Pat and Glenn. The movers/strippers were a nice touch as well!! They definitely got Bert going and I think she is hysterical. We were all dancing so much that it got to the point where I was profusely sweating. Another crowd favorite was Bert’s hair cake. Cori-Goldfarb-Andi-Black-SeNot only was it one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but it was also delectable. Unfortunately, Amy could not enjoy her time at the party because Arthur left abruptly. None of us could believe the way Arthur conducted himself, and I think that they need serious help from an expert! No one should feel as miserable as Amy did once Arthur left. Amy needs to put her foot down or put an end to this toxic relationship! Moving onto the chandelier. The fact that Liza never hung the chandelier was symbolic in the way that her marriage was not going to last. It was almost as if the chandelier represented the fact that this was not going to be her permanent place of residence! It was perfect that we threw it off of the balcony because it was bad karma and defined a turning point in Liza’s life. I am so happy for her to start the new chapter of her life, it is Lizer’s time to shine! As I summed it up in the finale, we break hearts. We break the bank, and sometimes we even break chandeliers!! But in the end, we are always there for each other to pick up the pieces!!!


This whole process has truly been an outer body experience for me. I would never have thought that I would expose my private life for the world to see. Watching myself on TV was strange at first, but now that the season has come to an end I realize that I have more to say. I feel that the story I have to tell can relate to so many people, and by going on this adventure I now see things in a different light. Secrets and Wives was an opportunity of a lifetime and I can confidently say I have grown as a person from this experience. I want to personally thank you all for watching and I hope we will see you again soon for season 2!!!