It is crazy to think that seven weeks have gone by and that there is only one episode left in this season of Secrets and Wives!!! Lets begin with our eyelash tinting session at Truth + Beauty with Gail. Truth-and-Beauty-Spa-Cori-GIt was so nice to spend some quality time with Gail while having our lashes tinted. I love when my girlfriends come over for a spa day! Once again, Gail and I discussed Jonathan’s behavior at Ian’s birthday party. Although Jonathan explained to Susan how his thumb being all up in Liza’s business was an accident, we saw later in the episode that it clearly was not! I know I have addressed Jonathan’s behavior many times over, but I am not sure how neither he nor Susan thinks it is a problem. Both Gail and I agreed that Jonathan should have been in the pen with the farm animals at Ian’s party. LOL! When Liza and I approached Susan at dinner, we were hoping to get a more receptive response from her rather than a defensive one. Liza and I both care and love Susan, and we just wanted to let her know that Jonathan’s actions are becoming a problem. It is almost unbearable to be around him in social settings and I don’t want that to come in between my relationship with her. Hopefully, Susan will understand where we are coming from, talk to Jonathan, and finally reel him in!!!
After confronting Sandy about the mysterious text, I suggested that we go to couples therapy. At first he was somewhat reluctant, but when he finally agreed I was extremely happy. I believe it is great to speak to a professional and hear an objective opinion. It is hard to take a step back from a situation and act rationally, so I really think that this session will be beneficial for our relationship. Sometimes you just need some help to get through a rough time and I believe this is just the help Sandy and I need. Even though the text message made me very suspicious of Sandy’s day to day activities, I know that he has no control over who texts him. I just thought it was so provocative and inappropriate to receive a text like that after being married for 20 years. Sandy can be a little TOO friendly at times and in my opinion it can send the wrong message to different people! I think Sandy needs to learn how to act and handle himself in certain situations. I always tell him that he tends to give off this vibe that he is available and to me, that is totally not cool and completely dangerous!

In our therapy session, Fran, our therapist, had some great points to discuss. I have come to the realization that maybe it’s my insecurities that make me so crazy! Not only does Sandy need to work on his attitude, I have to work on my shortcomings as well. It takes two to tango and it definitely takes cooperation from the two of us to make this work. I loved how Fran told Sandy that he “Poo Poo’s” me and essentially dismisses my feelings. She hit the nail on the head and finally got Sandy to realize how he was treating me! Fran also pointed out how Sandy needs to be more demonstrative with his feelings and emotions. Like I’ve said in past episodes, we both have our own needs and my needs include being shown a little more love! It was sweet to see Sandy open up and say that he is never getting married again and that he could never replace me. I mean, that is what I like to hear!!! I am not saying that I need praise like that on a daily basis, but a few times a month would be nice!


I was hoping that at our 20 year anniversary party, Sandy would profess his love for me in front of all our family and friends. However, I was certainly let down. As I shouted over the microphone, “SAY SOMETHING TO ME!!!!” Sandy quickly shut that idea down. I could not believe that after our breakthrough at therapy that he wouldn’t even say a little something to me at our party. I was completely embarrassed at how I had to beg Sandy to perform when he pathetically would not. I thought that maybe he would do this for me, but I guess he will just continue to tell me in private. I think after having our therapy session, I was under the impression that Sandy was going to shout from the mountain tops (or in this case the stage at Aura Nightclub) just how much he loved me!

As I have said many times before, our marriage is like the stock market. There are highs and lows, sometimes there are big swings and sometimes it is static!!! However, if we manage to get through all the dips, we will survive! We have built a beautiful family together and at the core it is TRUE love and that is definitely a relationship worth staying in!!! You better tune in next week for the crazy season finale of Secrets and Wives! I know I’ll be watching!!!